Comprehensive Eye Exams

We pride ourselves on the quality of our eye exams. Even if you are just after a vision check, your eye health matters. We have:

  • caring optometrists
  • decades of expertise
  • the latest eye testing equipment and technology
  • Medicare bulk-billed optometry services

Let us tailor an eye care plan just for you.

Children's Eye Care

Children’s Eye Care

1 in 5 Australian children suffer from undiagnosed eye problems. This can lead to school and learning issues. More serious, if not corrected early, some conditions lead to lifelong vision reduction. This is because young eyes and areas of the brain are still forming. For these reasons, it is best to have your child's eyes tested regularly. We recommend an eye test before starting school and during the school years.

Contact Lens Fitting

From soft to hard, disposable to custom made, we know contact lenses. With modern lenses, we can fit most eyes. Come for a second opinion if you have been told your prescription is too hard. We will work to find the most comfortable lens for you.

We have experience working in contact lens specialist clinics, working alongside eye specialists.

Contact Lens

Orthokeratology (Ortho K)

Sometimes we need to be free of glasses and contact lenses. For some, laser eye surgery is just too scary or not an option. Ortho K corrects your vision while you sleep. It is great for outdoor sports and adventure - especially in dusty environments.

Ortho K is great for those who suffer from dry eyes while wearing contact lenses. The latest research shows Ortho K is effective in slowing down myopia progression.

Come speak to our optometrist to discuss whether Ortho K is suitable for you.

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Myopia Management

Myopia is commonly known as short-sightedness. It occurs when the eye grows too long for its shape. While glasses can correct the vision, an extra long eye carries some risks. Receptors (the retina) in the eye can become stretched and damaged. This can lead to irreversible vision loss.

A lot of current research is focused on this growing problem. While we cannot stop myopia, there are options effective at slowing progression. We have access to glasses, soft contact lenses, eye drops and Ortho K, all options with varying effectiveness.

Please discuss with our optometrists if you are concerned. Your child's eye health future is important to us.

Myopia Management

Keratoconus Management

We have a particular interest in keratoconus management. Keratoconus is an eye disease affecting the eye's clear front surface (cornea). In early stages, keratoconus can be managed with just glasses. Often, glasses are less effective as the disease progresses. This is a point when contact lenses or eye surgery may be necessary.

Our experience with custom contact lenses and eye specialist relationships means you are in the best hands. Our team can design and fit the perfect lenses for you. This will mean clear vision again. Our advanced equipment will also help monitor your condition. Be informed which treatment will be best for you.

Driving Vision Assessment

If you require a driver's vision test, come speak to us. Let us understand your concerns. We are experienced with VicRoads eye sight reports.

Come find out whether glasses are needed to drive.

We can conduct binocular driving visual field tests for VicRoads.

Driving Vision Assessment
CASA Aviation Eye Medical Examinations

Aviation Eye Medical Examination

We have a CASA Credentialed Optometrist for aviation certifications. If you are a pilot needing an eye medical certificate come see us. Please let us know at the time of booking or when booking online. Please note that occupational testing is not covered by Medicare.

Optometry Services

Our optometry services and experience extends beyond this list. We are happy to work with problems of any complexity.

Please drop by or call if you feel our optometry services can help you.

Complete Optometry Services

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