Myopia Control Glasses are an effective, non-invasive method of myopia management for your child.

Myopia Control Glasses Now Available
Myopia Control Glasses Now Available

MiyoSmart: A Smart Approach to Myopia

We know that myopia in kids tend to progress and get worse throughout childhood. It is also true that higher levels of myopia are associated with higher eye disease risks in adulthood. Yet, the majority of children with myopia today are prescribed standard single vision lenses which don’t treat myopia progression at all. Hoya’s MiyoSmart addresses this problem, filling a rapidly growing eye health need.

An estimated 5 billion people, or half of the global population could be affected by shortsightedness by 2050. Research shows that more time spent on near-work is associated with a greater likelihood of myopia. Many factors indicate that the incidence of myopia in children will increase, such as:

  • near-work activities
  • less time spent outdoors
  • the high value placed on education performance
  • other lifestyle considerations

As a non-invasive and effective myopia control solution, MiyoSmart myopia control glasses helps more children slow down their myopia progression.

MiyoSmart Myopia Control Glasses

MiyoSmart lenses are innovative myopia control lenses developed by our lens supplier Hoya, together with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Beyond correcting shortsightedness, a two-year clinical research study shows that MiyoSmart lenses with D.I.M.S (Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments) technology work to curb myopia progression on average by 60%.

MiyoSmart lenses are an evidence-based solution for myopia management. Your child’s quality of life can be improved by slowing down the progression of their myopia and its associated eyesight deterioration. MiyoSmart are the most effective myopia control glasses available.

DIMS Technology Myopia Control Glasses
DIMS Technology Lenses

D.I.M.S Technology

Our myopia control glasses uses Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments (D.I.M.S.) technology. MiyoSmart with D.I.M.S is a single vision corrective lens with a surface that has hundreds of small segments, each providing myopic defocus. When the eye sees through the lens, there will be two focuses in the eye. One is in front of the retina, focused by the light passing through the segments of the lens. The other focus is on the retina, focused by the light passing through the area without segments. This lens structure makes it possible to simultaneously slow the growth of the eyeball and provide clear vision. Within the centre of the lens, there are no defocus segments. This is to correct myopia to meet clear vision needs.

To effectively control myopia progression, myopic defocus has to occur while wearing glasses constantly, even during eye movement. This requires lots of defocus segments to be evenly distributed on the lens surface. With its decades of experience in ophthalmic lens production and development, our lens supplier Hoya incorporated the D.I.M.S. technology and successfully produced smooth-surfaced lenses with multiple defocus segments. Due to innovative production technology, the MiyoSmart lens cosmetic appearance is highly similar to regular single vision lenses.

Impact Resistant Lenses

As children are active, there is a need for the lens material to be impact-resistant to offer their eyes the protection they need. MiyoSmart uses polycarbonate 1.59 which is a highly impact-resistant material that passes the high velocity impact drop ball test.

The polycarbonate lenses also make the lenses thin and light, as well as giving UV protection.


Award-Winning Research in Myopia Control Glasses

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has a long history of doing research in the field of myopia control.

Through their in-depth research on myopic defocus theory, they found that we can control myopia progression by providing clear vision and constant myopic defocus simultaneously.

The researchers found that the axial length of the eyeball is affected by the position of an image projected in relation to the retina. When the position of a well-defined portion of the projected image is located continuously in front of the retina, the axial length tends to become shorter and vice versa.

Projecting images in front and on the retina at the same time can control axial growth and myopia progression.

Recognising this expertise in myopia control, Hoya jointly developed this technology to control myopia progression using glasses lenses.

Beyond correcting myopic refractive error, a two-year clinical trial started in 2014 involving 160 children aged 8 to 13, shows that MiyoSmart with D.I.M.S. technology works to slow down myopia progression by 60%.

The results of the trial also showed that children using MiyoSmart myopia control glasses had less axial elongation by 60% compared with those wearing single vision lenses.

In 2018, the MiyoSmart lens with D.I.M.S. technology was awarded the prestigious Grand Prize, Grand Award and Special Gold Medal at the 46th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, Switzerland.


Myopia Control Glasses Accredited Optometrists

MiyoSmart lenses and myopia control glasses are only available from selected accredited optometrist.

At InFocus Optical we have all myopia control options available. So, if you are interested in myopia control, book in with our optometrists. In fact, all our optometrists are accredited to prescribe myopia control glasses. Alternatively, if you wanted a discussion whether myopia control contact lenses or glasses might be best for your child, we are more than happy to meet you.

Don't hesitate, visit our optometrist to discuss more on myopia control.

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