Coburg North Optometrist

Utimately located in Coburg North Village, we are naturally the local choice of optometrist for all Coburg North residents. Our expert optometrists offer the most convenient service for eye test, vision and eye health needs. Being in the main hub for Coburg North means you won't have trouble accessing us by car, bus or walking. Rest assured, we are committed to looking after your family's eye health. Being equipped with the latest equipment, we aim to diagnose early and closely monitor all eye conditions. Come for an eye test at Coburg North's fore-front optometry clinic today.

Eye Specialists

While many are lucky to have perfect vision, there are just as many with various eye problems. These may be vision related, eye health related, or both. Our optometrists are the experts in all vision related matters. Firstly we will thoroughly assess visual acuity and any glasses prescription necessary. Secondly, our full suite of eye care equipment means we can detect and diagnose eye disease. All of this information is considered when determining your eye health plan. Finally, in some small cases, referral to an eye specialist may be necessary. Our optometrists work closely with eye specialists local to Coburg North and beyond. All of this will maintain your eye health.

Eye Test Technology

Every day technology continues to improve all the time. That is why at InFocus Optical we have chosen the latest in optometry equipment to deliver complete eye tests in Coburg North. With multiple devices enabling the imaging of front, back and inside your eyes. We have the ability to check central and peripheral vision, as well as many ways of measuring your eye shape. Even more, we have the technology to map the seeing eye tissue in 3 Dimensional cross sections! Book in today for the ultimate eye test experience in Coburg North.